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One Day Online Training Program on Teachers’ Responsibility in Ensuring Justice in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse


Occasion- Create Awareness

Time- 4:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M

Organized by- N.S.D Educational Welfare Trust & Samukhtala Sidhu Kanhu College, Dept. of Education (affiliated by university of North Bengal)

Key Organizers- Ranjit Biswas, Mosira Parvin, Sahin Sahari, Manisha Jana, Sudeshna Rana

Speaker- Ms. Sayantika Sen

Venue- Google Meet

Children are valuable treasure for us. They are called bundle of joy and we as parent love every inch of them. Children are fun to watch, full of energy and they are like flowers, innocent and vulnerable once they are crushed like petals of flowers, you cannot fix. Children suffers heinous form of torture world-wide such as violence, sexual abuse, and exploitation. In this era our children are insecure. There is no limit of violence face by children. It can happen anywhere with any child and to those places where they are supposed to be safe such as their Home, School, and in many cases, they get exploited at the hands of their own family members.

How many of us impart body safety knowledge in our children? The answer is “None of us”. We teach our children all sort of safety for instance be careful with the hot pan, look both the side and walk-through zebra crossing while crossing the road and what not. Sometimes it gets too late untill you realize that you should have been taught this earlier.

So, we as a parent can start teaching this at home and teacher should ensure that children are also safe with them as after parent, teachers paly a most significant role in children life. Therefore, it is teachers’ responsibility to ensure safety in preventing child sexual abuse.

From N.S.D Education welfare Trust and Samukhtala Sidhu Kanhu College, Dept. of Education (affiliated by university of North Bengal) collaboratively organized this event for spreading the awareness among our teachers and professors to ensure the safety in school and colleges.

The speaker of the Event was Ms. Sayantika Sen Faculty of Vidyasagar school of social work at Vidyasagar university.

The event started around 4:00 P.M by the Host and then Few valuable words from Our Convener, Co- Conveners and then the Session was taken over by our Honorable Speaker Ms. Sayantika sen.  She begins with a brief introduction on Child sexual abuse then its types, when and how it happens, Duties of teachers, NGOs, and Government bodies for child protection and lastly a case study. Before ending the session, she took questions from participants. Several participants ask different question which was answered by our speaker. The host for this event ends the session with a thanking note and a feedback form link was shared with all the participants. It was really a triumph achievement for us. Many participants thanked us and requested to organize more sessions like this.


After we wrap up the session, our team members sat together and talk over the success of this event. We also distributed participation certificate to all our participants. We were happy to see lot of people participated in the event and it was because of them also the event was a great success. We wish that whatever they have learnt from this event they apply it wisely and provide that help to children when they are in need.


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