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N.S.D. Educational Welfare Trust organized a Two Week Online Certificate course on “Research Paper Writing”

Course Details:

  • Date- May 21st- June 4th, 2021
  • Organized- N.S.D Educational Welfare Trust
  • Course Co-Ordinator's- Sahin Sahari and Obaidur Rahaman
  • No.of Participants- 48
  • Venue- Google Meet


Research Paper writing is an academic piece of writing, an original research of the researcher about a specific topic and elaborative explanation of analysis. Research Paper unlike Academic Essay is written with in depth knowledge which is gathered from different resources and it is kept steer clear from plagiarism.It is used to assess not only the writing skills but also the scholarly research skills. Few students find research paper writing interesting and few of them as intimidating specially during their initial time. 

To help Different underprivileged communities N.S.D Educational Welfare Trust  launched this Two Week Online Certificate course on “Research Paper Writing”. We Begin the class with an Ice-breaker where everyone introduces themselves and they also get to know about us. Course moderator inaugurated the session and Mr. Sahin Sahari who is an  Assistant Professor of Belda college and  also the President of N.S.D Educational Trust introduced the course content and then Mr. Obaidur Rahaman covered the rest of the topic followed by the Q-A Session.

In Two Week Online Certificate course on “Research Paper Writing” the topics which were covered by both the Professors -

  • Concept of Research and Different Types of Research (Qualitative,Quantitative etc).
  • Sample and Types of Sample ( Random and Non- Random Sampling)
  • Variable and Types of Variable (Independent, Dependent, Extraneous Variables etc.)
  • Discussion on Hypothesis (Null, Directional, Non-Directional etc).
  • Research Paper- Concept, Types of paper Research Publication and others related issues
  • Structure of Research Paper,Formats and Guidelines for Research Paper Writing
  • Discussion on- How to Write a Research Paper (Process and Methods)
  • Tools and Software for research Paper Writing and Research  paper publication
  • Process and Methods to protect a Research Idea, Research Concept or Research Work.


After covering all the topics in the course at the end of the week, before we head towards the completion of course, our professors decided to assess the students for final Certification an assignment has been given to all the students and according to their performance an E-certificate has been issued to all of them. On our last day our team members joined the class and asked students to provide the feedback of this Two week course journey and we all were overwhelmed by the positive responses  from the students.


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