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Live Online Training on Yoga Practice for One Day on the Special Occasion of International Yoga Day



Occasion- International Yoga Day

Time- 8:00 A.M to 9:30 A.M

Organized by- N.S.D Educational Welfare Trust

Yoga Instructors- Sayantan Chakraborty and Anirban Panda

Venue- Google Meet

Yoga is a bestowal Of India’s ancient tradition; various countries accepted it and lead a holistic healthy lifestyle. The idea to celebrate “World Yoga Day” was proposed by Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his speech in United Nation General Assembly in 2014. To create more awareness about Yoga this Day is celebrate worldwide. Yoga is not just and exercise but way of maintaining and keeping a coordination between soul and body and to attain a peaceful life.

The word “Yoga” suggests “Union or union with the Divine” and it is an age-old practice. Humans are social, physical, and spiritual well-being and yoga helps to put it altogether. It provides relief from stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing.

So, with this aim, N.S.D Educational Welfare Trust keeping in mind the pandemic situation decided to Organize an Online Live One Day Yoga Session On 21st June 2021 from 8:00 A.M to 9:30 P.M.

The Yoga Instructor Sayantan Chakraborty and Anirban Panda Started the Yoga session with great enthusiasm and liveliness. The participants took part in the session with great pleasure and excitement.

 The session started with the enchantment of Gayatri mantra. Instructor began the session with warm up and stretching the body muscles. Asanas started with Padmasanas, Tadasana, Sukhasan, Bhujangasana and Shavasana. These were the few Asanas taught by our instructors which was easy to incorporate in our daily lifestyle to get relief from our work and family stress, to reduce joint and back ache which we get due to our sedentary lifestyle and lastly to increase our body flexibility.

To end the session, we took 4-5 mins for question-and-answer session from the participants which was answered by our professional Yoga Instructor and after it a feedback form link was shared with our participants. We were amazed to acknowledge that participants requested more of this kind of sessions.


After the completion of the Yoga training session, team members discussed its success, and we were really blessed to receive such wonderful feedback from our participants. N.S.D Educational Welfare Trust decided to provide a certificate to all our candidates who actively participated in the session as a small gift for our participants. Therefore, it was also decide to organize more of this kind of activities for our folks which include some physical activity where everyone can enjoy and with which we can teach something valuable and can create some awareness among our people.


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